Design for Form Factors Cheat Sheet

Touch, pan, shake and move – See you in Barcelona

I’m very happy to announce that I’m going to give a workshop in Barcelona during the Selected Europe 2011. It will share a few things with my previous workshop in Kassel, yet still have another focus partly due to a quite different setup this time round – it’ll be running for half a day instead […]

Real objects and their pixel size

Seasons 3 Released

It took a while to make it happen but we’ve just released a new version of our iOS application Seasons. After weeks of research and updating our database we’re happy to include Australia in our list of supported countries. Obviously we’ve considered the different climate conditions in the various regions hence the app uses the […]

Design for touch devices

In November I gave a three day workshop about design for touch devices at the School of Arts Kassel. I had a rather simple agenda in mind and was excited what was going to happen. The main reason for that were the students’ very different backgrounds – something I knew before I preparing the workshop. Some of them were graphics designers, illustrators, others film makers and only a few had any software development experience.

Form factors – nothing new, really. But worth reminding.

During my recent trip to Germany I’ve also been following the invitation from the guys over at chilli mind to give a talk at the local World Usability Day 2010 event. The main topic being (multi)touch, I was talking about the possibilities and challenges of touch input based applications in marketing and publishing. With the […]

Playing with building blocks

With increased Internet connection speeds and the now vast array of Internet devices becoming part of our everyday life, there is a whole new potential of creating more exciting and engaging user experiences. When the iPhone was released a few years ago people started using smart phones increasingly as entertainment devices although their potential is […]